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AWS Course


This course is for those who are completely new to AWS.  No prior AWS experience is required.  We will introduce you to AWS, walk you through the process of setting up your own AWS account, and teach you the essentials to get you using AWS’s core services.
Data Scientist
Big Data Visualizer
Big Data Research Analyst
Big Data Engineer
Big Data Architect
Big Data Analyst

  1. AWS Free Tier
  2. Create an AWS Account
  3. How to Navigate the AWS Console
  4. AWS Documentation

  1. What is IAM?
  2. IAM Initial Setup and Configuration
  3. IAM Users and Policies
  4. IAM Groups and Policies

  1. AWS Global Infrastructure
  2. VPC Basics
  3. Internet Gateways (IGW)
  4. Route Tables (RTs)
  5. Network Access Control List (NACLs)
  6. Subnets
  7. Availability Zones (VPC Specific)

  1. S3 Basics
  2. Buckets & Objects
  3. Storage Classes
  4. Object Lifecycles
  5. Permissions
  6. Object Versioning

  1. EC2 Basics
  2. Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
  3. Instance Types
  4. Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  5. Security Groups
  6. IP Addressing
  7. Launching and Using an EC2 Instance

  1. RDS and DynamoDB Basics
  2. Provisioning an RDS MySQL Database
    SSH Tunneling

  1. CloudWatch Basics
  2. CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms

  1. ELB Basics
  2. Creating an ELB

  1. Auto Scaling Basics
  2. Using Auto Scaling

  1. Route 53 Basics
  2. Using Route 53

  1. Lambda Basics
  2. Lambda Test

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