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Business Intelligence with Spark and Global Industries

In the present world, business intelligence is given much importance with all companies to improve their efficiency, reduce wastage, find new customers and improves further with the use of business intelligence. These are possible with data computing, which are internal and external to a company. However, the cloud-computing platform has given a chance to save […]

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Data Analytics and the Latest in Computing Software

Hadoop Development Training in Bangalore offer many big data computing courses. However, to find the trusted Hadoop development training institute in Bangalore with online education is difficult one as there are many niche technology training service providers in the online training and certification program. It is advisable to find the best institute for Hadoop training […]

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Big Data Analytics and Scope for Big Data Professionals

One cannot learn big data computing through free online tutorial classes or videos and from reading books. Hadoop analytics need practical secession to do it professionally after doing many Hadoop examples, assignments and project works. The big data Hadoop tutorialthrough registeredtechnology training servicescan onlyget you jobs in Hadoop architecture, Hadoop developer and as big data […]

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Online Training for Spark in Bangalore

There are hundreds of Spark training institutes in Bangalore, who conducts classroom training and certification for Spark. However, the online Spark training institute in Bangalore is very less and there is a vast demand for Spark online certification and training. It will be a difficult task to find a trusted niche technology training service provider […]

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More Interview Questions

Name the most common InputFormats defined in Hadoop? Which one is default ? Following 3 are most common InputFormats defined in Hadoop – TextInputFormat – KeyValueInputFormat – SequenceFileInputFormat TextInputFormat is the hadoop default. What is the difference between TextInputFormat and KeyValueInputFormat class? TextInputFormat: It reads lines of text files and provides the offset of the […]

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HADOOP Statistics

Below statistics clearly says why to get in to the big data market by learning HADOOP. Alice Hill, managing director of Dice, tells Data Informed, that the postings for Hadoop jobs has gone up by 64%, compared to last year. And that Hadoop is the leader in the Big Data category of job postings. According […]

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