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The DevOps certification course is a fast growing stream that bridges the gap between software developers and operations. One becomes an expert using modern DevOps tools

  • in the principles of continuous development
  • deployment
  • Automation
  • configuration management
  • Inter team collaboration
  • Information technology service agility

Objective of DevOps


DevOps training has been specifically designed to provide a hands on training for making one a certified practitioner of DevOps tools thus sharing best practices of continuous development, testing, configuration management, inclusive of continuous Integration and continuous deployment and lastly continuous monitoring of the software throughout its development cycle


DevOps Training in Bangalore is basically designed to help one become a DevOps practitioner. The expert DevOps instructors helps:

  • In understanding DevOps Ecosystem
  • Learning about automatic Source Code Management, with use of GIT and Continuous Integration, using Jenkins
  • Understand to build and test automation, I.e. how to build an appropriate delivery pipeline by performing an automation test on it
  • With use of Dockers understanding Containerization, also in identifying the difference between containers and the VMs
  • Learning Master Docker Commands and also Use-cases : dealing with  various networking concepts along with Docker
  • The best of the ways to use the Docker Volume. and creation of Docker file
  • Master Puppet – learn Infrastructure-as-Code and Configuration management. One may learn with Puppet, the master-agent architecture and catalog compilation
  • With use of Nagios to learn Continuous Monitoring – learn about systems monitoring by use of Nagios and its components, integrate Jenkins, Docker and Puppet
  • Execution of a live Project
  • Beyond these there are other topics, to help one master the most popular DevOps tools. One would also receive additional two, self-paced courses inclusive of presentations, recordings of classes, assignments, and solutions for the following tools:
  • Chef– This covers Introduction – Building the Cook Book – Node Object & Search – Data-bags – Chef environment – Roles, Deploying Nodes in Production and also using the Open Source Chef Server.


  • Ansible– This Covers Introduction – Setup & Configuration – Ansible Playbooks – 37 Ansible Modules – Different Roles and The Command Line usage.


Pre-requisite of the DevOps training is only that the student should be from IT curriculum.

The DevOps training institutes in Bangaloreprovide placement assistance through relevant job opportunities routing. The students profile is build according to their aptitude and relevant opportunities are provided. But before that it is essential to complete class assignments and complete the course on which the screening is done. An internal assessment is done before sharing profile with prospective employer.


This course is offered online as well with 24×7 expert support. When it comes to the added benefits the cost of course does not seem too high. One can make a part payment plan with institute so that it doesn’t pinch the pocket. By enrolling once a student has lifetime access to any revision pack or support in projects, towards the end of course a certificate of raining is issued which certifies a person to be DevOps professional

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